Avalon will respond to your queries within 48hrs of submitting. One of our team will help you with your questions. In the near future we will be adding a private forum where parents can find a central resource for support materials and general chat. If you are interested in joining the form use the button below to register your interest.



We will offer a range of support to parents and families including practical support and information about autism.

Avalon will signpost to relevant support and early intervention, peer mentoring and personalised programmes to enhance general wellbeing and resilience.


We will offer tailored parental support services, respite services and personal growth programmes delivered by parents for parents.

The Avalon community will play an active role in supporting each other and they will shape the services available to them.


We will offer short breaks and respite to help parents and families supporting someone with autism.

This respite will include; Relaxation breaks, Pampering days, and short family breaks to enhance the general health and wellbeing.



Pamela is the founder and chairperson for Avalon and was inspired to establish the charity following the birth of her daughter Ava who has autism. Pamela an experienced Senior Leader within Learning and Development and has over 15 year experience working within the private sector. Pam is a professional coach, speaker and trainer with the John Maxwell Team and is passionate about creating innovative learning and coaching programmes to help people maximise their potential in life and business. Pam is CPID qualified has extensive experience administering psychometric instruments to enhance the coaching and development process.

Reasons  for being part of Avalon

The work we do at Avalon is about making a difference to the parents, guardians, grandparents and siblings we serve. My passion and drive comes from personal experience as a mother with a feeling that more could be done to improve the lives of families before, during and after an autism diagnosis. By improving the lives of families impacted by Autism we will indirectly improve the lives of those children living with autism.

Special Interests

Pam has currently writing a booked titled ‘Light and Shade” which provides a parental perspective on living life with a child on the autistic spectrum. Pam is dedicated to maintaining her own personal fitness and wellbeing and is currently training for her first half marathon. Pam loves to read and is passionate about all aspects of leadership development and personal growth.


Gerry is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, with a deep, abiding interest in the growth and development of people. As part of his CPD and to strengthen his skills in this area, he is currently undertaking a BSc (Honours) in Psychology to build on his MBA.

Until recently, he was a Senior Consultant with Working Links, one of the leading Welfare to Work providers in the UK, supporting the delivery of business strategy, in a rapidly changing environment. This support entailed providing L and D support across UK, by delivering executive coaching, various blended, online and classroom based courses, including a “Future Leaders” programme, to allow the adaption of key staff to transformational change, and an organisational restructure. Prior to this, he has provided L and D services at Senior Management in both public and private sectors, and brings a strong blend of broad experience and proven track record in sales, career, talent, leadership and people development to Avalon.

Reasons for being part of Avalon

Gerry’s view is that ” we all plan for the future, assuming that the future is predictable. We are often taken by surprise when things don’t turn out the way that we had expected. It is often when we are hit by the unpredictable and are understandably shocked and confused that we need most support . Support to absorb and make sense of events and then – gradually – begin to think more clearly. Begin to move forward again. My sense is that Avalon can play a key role in structuring this process in the challenges that parents may face in supporting the growth of a child on the ASD spectrum.”

Special Interests

Gerry is a keen fisherman, with a love of the Assynt lochs.



William has a multi-faceted background with extensive experience working with the Civil Service, local authority and the financial services sector. More recently he has worked within the field of Career Guidance supporting Veterans to make the transition back into civilian life and sustainable careers.

Reasons for being part of Avalon

My beautiful Daughter Ava was born in 2013 and this was and still has is the greatest day in my life. Although, at the age of two we began to notice some developmental delays which would be later confirmed as Autism. This period of my life would be best described as an emotional roller-coaster, leading up diagnosis and following the diagnosis. As a parent, we found services hard to access and slow to engage with. My wife and I had to fight for every piece of support we could get and most of this was self –funded due to a lack of resource. This experience and lack of support for families encouraged my wife and I to do something about it by forming Avalon. We want to develop a range of services that support families before, during and after an autism diagnosis to bridge the gap the current service provision.

Special Interests

I enjoy angling in my space time and over the last year have completed a half marathon and hope to complete a full marathon in June to raise funds for Avalon.